Attic Conversion

A lot of us are not lacking space, but rather, have space we’re not sure how to use. Or perhaps we have a space we have a vision for but we aren’t sure how to make that dream come to life. That’s where we come in at Norman Remodeling Experts.

We have converted countless attics, garages, and bonus room spaces for our residents and neighbors. Taking a once empty space and providing a den, extra living room, office, or even a game room for our families is definitely an undertaking, but an altogether worthwhile cause when you hire us to be your contractor. Maybe you’ve got an extra area you’re interested in converting to make extra income like an Airbnb space? Need a craft room to sell all of those creations? Let us take the workload lead and turn your ideas into the space you’re seeking.

Norman Remodel Experts - Attic Conversion
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Attic Conversion

A whole room addition can be costly, so in an effort to save some dollars, as well as prevent expanding the footprint of their home, some homeowners decide to convert an existing attic to another area of livable space. Not every attic is suited for a transition to hosting people full time, but many are, and we are happy to help you through that process. With this type of addition there are many requirements that have to be met, so it’s not an undertaking most homeowners should take on for themselves. We are familiar with the codes and regulations in place for our Norman neighbors and want to offer you the safest and most functional attic conversions you can get. From space and head requirements, to insulation and egress points, we will take into consideration every aspect of your new functional space.

Bonus or Game Room Conversions

So many of the homes built in our area have an extra room, sometimes upstairs, that they call a “bonus.” What kind of bonus, exactly, is a huge extra space that houses my clutter and causes me to panic when someone heads for the extra bath upstairs? (We can’t let them know we really live this way, right?) That space honestly didn’t seem so handy until we converted that room into a full entertainment oasis right in our very own home. Now I’m a believer and it’s become one of our favorite projects to undertake. The miles of smiles we see on our client’s faces the first time they host Bedlam, the Friday night poker game, Saturday Bunco (is that still a thing?) or their small group for church are so worthwhile. Don’t miss out on all the time we’re having to spend together at home- create your own fun living space at your house!

Garage Conversion

Is your vehicle in your garage right now? Probably not. At least you’re using that space effectively, right? Also no, huh. So few people use their garage spaces efficiently and they end up as a catch all or are cluttered beyond belief with long forgotten possessions. Why not convert that garage space into extra living space for your family? They possibilities are endless when it comes to the wide open space of a garage, and the cost is less than that of a complete home addition. Let’s talk today about whatever kind of room conversion is on your mind and heart! We’ll make it happen for you!