Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom is one of the most popular and sought after rooms for remodeling by our Norman neighbors, but it can also be one of the most intimidating projects to take on.

There are endless options these days and apart from deciding on layout and finishes, undertaking a project on your current facilities can make for a practical indoor camping situation when the stool becomes a hole in the ground and the tile is flying. Having Norman Remodeling Experts in your corner is a great way to ease some of the uncertainty and stress that is sure to arise when you’re remodeling any bathroom. We will guide and help you through every step, but most clients already have an idea of what they’re looking for. If you’re not sure, here are some elements our Norman customers typically seek and that have rendered us some amazingly functional and aesthetic results.

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Transitional Baths & Showers

Remodeling doesn’t have to always be a daunting task. Choosing new designs for old spaces can be so much fun! We’ve seen a rise recently for requests in Norman for walk-in showers or what’s called a wet-bath. Simply put, a wet bath is a bathroom area that is finished so that all the surfaces can be wet or damp- with a common drain to allow for water flow. Wet baths don’t require a door or shower curtain in the way that a typical shower or tub do. These types of areas create a more open design in the bathroom and offers ease of access and the potential for your spaces to grow with you as you age and your family dynamic changes. Seats, handles, railing, and no step entries are all features that can help our Norman neighbors who plan to stay in their homes for a long time! Our design team can help you navigate the newest trends and even the most classic features to help you create a bathroom design that you are happy to live in!

Water-Saving Appliances

The faucets of today certainly aren’t what they used to be, though some of the standard names in the industry still stand firm after decades. Showerheads that are not only luxurious but that can save water are growling in popularity. With the water-saving technology they employ, one shower can now host two soaking heads and still use the same amount of water as the antiquated device of yesterday. The knob-free sinks we use in public allowing for easy washing are now available to be utilized in your home as well. These sinks reduce water consumption by thirty percent all while reducing the spread of germs. Not only does this help preserve water for all Oklahoman’s, but it can also make a big difference for your City of Norman bill, as well!

Built-In Storage

Adding customized built-in storage for the endless barrage of tools, products and systems your vanity houses is a major upgrade for today’s spaces. This trend in bathroom remodeling has made people flock in droves to well-meaning DIY projects that end in disappointment for all parties involved. Making personal care products and devices disappear from the surface of the countertop is a very satisfying experience that can’t be denied. Adding those perfectly customized holes for hot irons, blow dryers and even outlets is a serious game changer that any master suite or shared sibling bathroom would be proud to boast.

Surface Choices Abound

Choosing the tile or other solid surfaces for your bathroom is one area that can allow for a lot of personalization. A classic neutral marble can create a soothing, spa like feel, whereas a noisy artistic tile mosaic can show off your exotic or flamboyant tendencies. Whether you seek bamboo, porcelain, granite or something else- you name it and we’ll install it!

High-Tech Features

If you are of the persuasion that tech is best, we’re of the same mind! We love to move, pivot and grow with the times. The newest technology in home bathrooms is making a move toward what looks like the home theater or even the kitchen scene! From refrigerated medicine cabinets for organic preservative free skin care, to heated flooring and toilet seats, wildly fluctuating Oklahoma temperatures don’t have to be a problem anymore. Let us introduce you to a whole new world where your bathroom vanity mirror doubles as a TV screen, or where you control your shower to temperature perfection with a digital control. We’ll have your master bath decked like something you saw as a kid on The Jetson’s before you know it!