Home Remodeling

When it comes to remodeling their homes, we know Normanites need a solid and reputable remodeling contractor that is excellent, reliable, and who can really deliver the high-quality results we expect here in Oklahoma.

Results that are going to last are the only kind we’re interested in. The team that we know for sure you can trust with your home is right here at Norman Remodeling Experts. Our varied team of professionals have been offering major remodeling, kitchen, bath, and entire home remodeling services for many years. We know all of the tricks of the trade, and you will achieve outstanding results that you can enjoy for years to come once we are through.

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The consultation period, for us, is one of the most important stages because it prepares us to know your space, needs, expectations, budget and any limitations we may have before we move forward together. We are fully committed to providing you with outcomes that you are going to be able to love so we always meet first so we can ensure that we provide you with the results you want, and finishes that are going to last. At this meeting we will collect any and all information we can to collaborate on your new design needs, style and preferences. Maybe you need direction on functionality or what we’ve seen work best? We are happy to lend a hand and point you in the right direction for your vision.

Planning and Blueprints

We take the planning process seriously, and once we develop that plan, you can count on us to move forward full steam ahead. Occasionally, for large remodels or complete additions, blueprints may be necessary and or drawn up by a team of partnered architects, or your own. We will always review the details with you if you would like, so we’re always on the same page throughout the process. There are also software programs that can help us visualize what your space may look like once we are done with the work. Being able to see outcomes in advance has been a game-changer in our industry.

Home Renovations

Our home renovation process takes into consideration that you still live there! We will work with your family to make sure our footprint stays as small as possible as we work in your most sacred spaces, your home! We can’t guarantee that is won’t come without noise or a mess, but once we’ve cleared out and cleaned up, you’ll be enjoying your new room in peace and tranquility- until it’s time to cook again in that gorgeous new farmhouse kitchen, right? No problem, just send the kids and the pets to the newly remodeled game room and mess up that kitchen you deserve! Just be sure to make someone else clean it up.

Trusted Professionals

We are a reputable group of home remodeling experts in our hometown of Norman, Oklahoma. We think it is a great place to live, and it is important to us that the homes here are a reflection of our wonderful college town and its people. We go out of our way to ensure that you get high-quality results because our experience dictates excellence. Whether you want timeless elegance in your home, or you want to have a modern and industrial feeling in your home, we are all ears to make your home what you want and need it to be. Trust us every time.