Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling a kitchen can be quite a daunting task to undertake. Taking every trade into consideration from plumbing to electric, installation of appliances and everything in between can be quite overwhelming when you take on the project yourself.

When you hire our team at Norman Remodeling Experts, you can put aside the agonizing chore of coordinating everyone together, and leave the hurricane to us! We’re used to the frenzy of work and smart organization that it takes to get your job done correctly! We are only interested in making your vision come to life in the heart of your home, so whatever it is you need, we’re here to make it happen by exceeding your expectations. What if cooking the meal could be as enjoyable as eating it? Start here with our remarkable team of contractors at your service! 

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Getting Started with Us

Let us show you how easy kitchen remodeling can be when you work with our ironclad company that does it all from start to finish. We combine decades of experience, hard work, smooth processes and tried-and-true materials into a smooth process that gives the most attention to detail in every kitchen we remodel in Norman, Oklahoma. Sit down with our project manager for your private consultation so we can hear more about your most tawdry kitchen fantasies. What amateur chef doesn’t absolutely lust after a pot filler? Once your plan is complete, we will take your budget and most crushable cravings and turn them into a a kitchen you will be proud of.


In order to have a new kitchen, you first need to get rid of all of the old items. It takes a lot more than a baseball bat and a riled-up Texas red-head to get the job done. The home-remodel TV shows of today certainly make that process look fun and easy, but there is absolutely a right (and wrong) way to go about this process. If you do not have the time or skill to do all of this on your own, you can rest assured that we will quickly and completely clear the slate to get the job done for you. Maybe you’re taking us up on custom refinished cabinetry, but replacing the dated appliances? Maybe we’re knocking out a wall and installing new windows? What about the flooring, black splash, and new countertops? This is by far the best time to assess, replace and even upgrade things like plumbing, electrical, and paint as well. Adding new lighting fixtures or the luxurious island you’ve been daydreaming about is easy when you make the responsible choice to pair with us. Don’t miss out- expand your kitchen’s footprint. We will work with your family to give your kitchen the ultimate update you deserve. A full kitchen remodeling in Norman will include taking your existing kitchen down to the studs. That’s why you need the professionals at Norman Remodeling Experts to guide and direct you through your stunning kitchen transformation.

Remodeling Execution & Timeframes

Remodeling a kitchen does take some time. There are a lot of steps that need to be taken in order to make sure your project is smooth sailing from start to finish. We always talk with you and give you the most accurate estimation of your project’s timeline from the start- so you can continue to live your life! Communication over the life of your project is paramount to us. We always welcome an open line of conversation with our clients, because we’re here to serve you and we can’t do that if we don’t know your desires. If we could snap our fingers and “bibbity-bobbity-boo” your space, trust us when we say we WOULD! Our legendary results are totally the end goal, but we can’t get there with a finger-snap. We have to put in the hard work- and it pays off every time with our awe-inspiring outcomes. Whether you have a tiny kitchen space you want painted and tiled, or want to amplify your open concept great room into a caterer worthy prep kitchen, we’re your go-to pro for all things kitchen remodeling!