Room Addition

If you’re looking for a dedicated room addition contractor in the Sooner Nation to quench your remodeling thirst, look no further than Norman Remodeling Experts. We provide a meticulous hands-on customized approach to exceeding the high expectations of our Oklahoma neighbors.

Maybe your growing family needs another bathroom, bedroom, or an office or school space? Have you suddenly found yourself in that pinchy in between place of being a parent to school-aged kids and the child of an aging parent? Is it time to move Grandma in? Don’t fret over procuring permits, calling those ground line-marker folks or making sure your project stays on track. We are here to take the hassle out of your build and ease the pain of your need. Count on us to get your guest room, extra bathroom, or even second story addition off on the right foot, and finished with scandalous supremacy. Contact us for your free room addition cost estimate today!

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One of the most common requests for home additions we have is another bathroom! As the parent of many boys, I have to say that the addition of an extra bathroom with a simple sink and urinal was one of the wisest investments we ever made for our family! Saving time, arguments and headaches for parents and guests, adding another bathroom to your home is never a bad idea! From a tiny boutique powder room to bathroom Nickelback could play baseball in, we’ll make it happen!

Master Suite Additions

If you’re living in an older Norman home, you may find yourself with less space than you desire in your master area. The onslaught of larger master suites didn’t really hit until well into the 1980s. If your home was built before then, the bathrooms were intended to be semi-hidden as all things bathroom related were considered “dirty” in a way- and definitely not to be flaunted. Even the larger bathrooms of the pop era aren’t really equipped with what most of us would define as luxury or space these days. If you love your home and neighborhood but need more space and can’t stand the thought of moving, let us give conquer the master addition you deserve for your forever home!

Mother-In-Law & Granny Flats

If you’re a homeowner in Norman, you’re statistically right about the age that you’re in the middle. In the middle of raising kids, propelling a career or job to pay the bills, and now you may be facing the fact that your parents are becoming a bit more advanced in age. They aren’t to the point of needing full time care, maybe, but they may be at the age where they’re definitely needing more attention than you can give from miles away. It would be pretty nice to give them the space they have earned, and the close care they deserve, wouldn’t it? Our attached, semi-attached and even attic or garage conversions may be just the ticket for this tailspin! Once your project is done, living together will be smooth sailing for your multi-generational family. Incorporate a mini-kitchen, bathroom, safety rails, intercoms and more.

Home Extensions

Sometimes, your family simply outgrows the living space you have! If you have space requirements beyond the current square footage you’re working with, give us a call. We would love to double your living room, kitchen, or master area with all the additional space your property will allow. Added benefit? Less mowing the grass.